EMI Gaskets

Electrically Conductive Elastomer Gaskets

Parker Chomerics has developed and enhanced virtually every aspect of conductive elastomer materials technology, offering shielding materials meeting applications needs for the Military, Aerospace and Commercial Markets. Each conductive elastomer consists of silicone, fluorosilicone, EPDM or fluorocarbon fluorosilicone binder with a filler of pure silver, silver-plated copper, silver-plated aluminum, silverplated nickel, silver-plated glass, nickel-plated graphite, nickel-plated aluminum or unplated graphite particles. The development of these composites is the result of decades of research and testing, both in the laboratory and in the field. Our proprietary filler powder technology allows us to carefully control the composition, size, and morphology of the conductive particles. Their precise, uniform dispersion within the resinous binders produces materials with stable and consistent electrical and physical properties. These elastomers are available in Sheet Stock, Die-Cut, Molded and Extruded forms and shapes.

Please access the Elastomer Selector Guide to choose the appropriate material and form for your application.

EMI Wire Mesh Gaskets

Parker Chomerics offers one of the broadest selections of metal-based gaskets solutions available anywhere for ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) and ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) shielding as well as lightning strike protection. These products include three distinct families; knitted wire, oriented wire in silicone and expanded metal.

Fabric over Foam Gaskets

Parker Chomerics product line family of SOFT-SHIELD® EMI gaskets provides a selection of strip and sheet stock commercial EMI gasket solutions suitable for most all indoor EMI shielding and grounding applications. These products rely on the unique construction of a conductivity- plated fabric or wire mesh, wrapped or knitted over a low closure force urethane foam.

Finger Stock Gaskets

Parker Chomerics beryllium-copper (BeCu) and stainless steel EMI gaskets (SPRING-LINE) combine high levels of shielding effectiveness with a broad deflection range and low closure force properties. The excellent performance qualities of beryllium-copper, including: high tensile strength, extreme operating temperature range and superb electrical conductivity, make it an ideal material for EMI shielding over a broad frequency range.

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