CHO-SHIELD 4994 Acrylic Coatings – conductive acrylic air-dry coatings

Product Line(s):

Product #: 52-02-4900-0000, 52-01-4900-0000

Acrylic Coatings.

One-component CHO-SHIELD conductive acrylic air-dry coatings are intended for EMI shielding of nonconductive substrates. They offer a choice of filler systems that meet varying performance requirements. Silver-containing systems offer lower surface resistivity for better shielding performance. Nickel-filled systems are relatively inexpensive for providing moderate levels of EMI shielding over a wide frequency range.

CHO-SHIELD 4994 silver-filled acrylic coating provides the highest levels of EMI shielding, as well as anti-static protection and grounding surfaces. It offers convenient fast tack and drying.