Product Line(s):

Product #: 50-00-0360-0020, 2 Component, ½ pint Kit, 50-01-0360-0020 2 Component, 1 Pint Kit

CHO-BOND 360-20 is a two-component, silver plated copper filled conductive epoxy adhesive designed for applications where a strong, conductive electrical bond must be achieved. The silver copper filler of CHO-BOND 360-20 provides a cost effective alternative to pure silver filled conductive epoxies in applications where moderate conductivity is acceptable. This thick paste is good for filling rather large bond lines and cracks (0.004 inches -0.025 inches) of electrical boxes and enclosures.

Curing of CHO-BOND 360-20 can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes with heat to minimize equipment downtime and increase manufacturing throughput. The 1:1 weight mix ratio makes CHO-BOND 360-20 easy to handle and use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two component
  • Fast heat cure, increases throughput, minimizes equipment downtime.
  • Silver-plated copper filler
  • Low cost ($/cc), good conductivity 0.005 ohm-cm.
  • Epoxy
  • 60 minute working life, works well over wide temperature range, good chemical resistance> 1600 psi lap shear, good for permanently bonding surfaces.
  • Gritty paste
  • Thick paste, good for relatively large cracks and voids (>0.25 in). Can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces
  • No VOCs
  • Minimal shrinkage, no permits or ventilation required.

Ordering Information:

50-00-0360-0020 2 Component, ½ pint Kit
50-01-0360-0020 2 Component, 1 Pint Kit