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Product #: 51-02-4660-0000, 51-05-4660-0000, 51-02-4669-0000, 51-05-4669-0000

CHO-BOND 4660 is a silver-plated copper filled, one-component conductive polyisobutylene. It is designed for use as a fillet, gap filler and seam sealant on electrical enclosures for EMI shielding or electrical grounding. Its non-hardening characteristic makes it particularly suited for shielding joints and seams which are likely to be disassembled or applications where vibration and thermal shock resilience is required. Minimum recommended bond line for CHO-BOND 4660 is 0.015 inches (0.18 mm). CHO-BOND 4660 dries to touch in minutes and develops its final material properties in 168 hours. The compound remains permanently flexible and adherent with no tendency to crack or pull away from the substrate. Some surface crusting may be experienced, but CHO-BOND 4660 will remain pliable below the surface. In addition, CHO-BOND 4660 may be used to help seal against gases as the polyisobutlyene polymer system has excellent impermeability properties.

Parker Chomerics also offers an extended working life version of CHO-BOND 4660 called CHO-BOND 4669. CHO-BOND 4669 will exhibit the same final properties as CHO-BOND 4660 but has an extended, 2 hour working life. Typical applications include access panels, shielded room joints, temporary military shelters, hardware, bulkhead feed through fittings, and building conduits.

Features and Benefits:

  • One component
  • Easy to use, no weighing or mixing required
  • Silver plated copper filler
  • Good conductivity 0.080 ohm-cm
  • Polyisobutylene binder
  • 30 minute working life, 168 hrs for final properties to develop, remains flexible, No corrosive by-products generated during drying to damage substrate, excellent impermeability to gases. Primerless system.
  • Light weight
  • More coverage per gram of material, minimal weight added to assembly or vehicle.
  • Gritty paste
  • Easy to dispense with standard caulking gun. CHO-BOND 4660 can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces.
  • Extended working life version: CHO-BOND 4669
  • 2 hr working life, 168 hrs for final properties to develop, slower evaporating solvent system.

Ordering information: 51-02-4660-0000 2oz, 51-05-4660-0000 1 gallon