Cho-Shield 2000 series Conductive Coatings: CHO-SHIELD: 2001, 2002 & 2003

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Product #: 2001: 52-01-2001-0000, 52-00-2001-0000, 52-04-2001-0000, 52-01-2002-0000, 52-04-2002-0000,52-00-2002-0000,52-00-2003-0000, 52-01-2003-0000, 52-04-2003-0000. Also available in gallon kits

CHO-SHIELD 2000 Series: CHO-SHIELD® 2000 Series electrically conductive coatings provide a corrosion resistant conductive surface coating on aluminum or composite substrates. By reducing moisture penetration, CHO-SHIELD 2000 Series coatings offer corrosion protection for enclosure flanges which mate with particular EMI shielding gaskets.

These tough, urethane coatings offer a highly conductive interface which improves overall EMI shielding performance. When used as a coating on a composite or other non-conductive surface, they provide the conductivity necessary to achieve excellent shielding effectiveness while maintaining their electrical and mechanical stability in hostile environments.

CHO-SHIELD 2000-series coatings are three-part, copper filled urethane coating systems which have been formulated with special additives and stabilizers to maintain their electrical stability even at elevated temperatures which prevent aluminum surfaces from corroding in high humidity and/or marine environments.

CHO-SHIELD 2001 and 2003 contain soluble chromates to minimize the effects of galvanic corrosion of the aluminum substrate, even in the event of a coating scratch. The CHO-SHIELD 2002 coating, mainly intended for composite substrates or as a 2001 repair coating, is chromate-free. CHO-SHIELD 2003 is a dark pigmented version of CHO-SHIELD 2001.

The CHO-SHIELD 2001 and 2003 coatings are designed to be used with CHO-SHIELD 1091 primer on chromate conversion coated (MIL-DTL-5541 Type I, Class 3) aluminum substrates. CHO-SHIELD 2002 is designed to be used with CHO-SHIELD 1091 primer on non-aluminum substrates such as MIL-P-18177 glass-filled epoxy composites and will typically deliver 0.1 ohm/square surface resistance when cured for 2 hours at room temperature 21°C (70°F) followed by 30 minutes at 121°C (250°F).

Technical Data: Please see attached data sheet for information on each product within the series which includes CHO-SHIELD 2001, 2002 & 2003.

Features and Benefits:

  • Three component urethane system
  • Exceptional mechanical properties -65°C to 85°C (-85°F to 185°F) including abrasion and scratch resistance.

Excellent chemical resistance, including jet fuel (JP8), hydraulic fluids and motor oil. Pre-measured kit allows easy mixing of components in one container.

  • Corrosion resistant copper filler
  • Significantly more cost effective than silver filled epoxies.

Protects aluminum and graphite composite airframes from corrosion.  No degradation of shielding effectiveness after 500 hours of salt fog.

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