CHO-SHIELD 610 is a two component, silver-plated copper filled, conductive epoxy paint designed to provide EMI shielding and electrical grounding on plastic and composite substrates. This conductive epoxy system has great adhesion to a variety of substrates, making it a good choice for chemical resistant plastics or other hard to adhere to substrates. Due to its silver-plated copper filler, CHO-SHIELD 610 is a cost effective EMI solution for applications where good EMI shielding and electrical conductivity are required. CHO-SHIELD 610 demonstrates exceptional environmental stability, maintaining electrical conductivity, adhesion, and abrasion resistance when subjected to high and low temperature extremes, high humidity, and salt fog corrosion environments. Typical applications include military and commercial electronic enclosures, missile canisters, man portable electronics, radar systems, avionic boxes, engines, and aluminum flanges and structures.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two component, pre-measured kit allows easy mixing of components in one container.
  • Long pot Life (8 hours)
  • Silver-plated copper flake filler, cost effective, very good conductivity and EMI Shielding of components
  • Epoxy coating
  • Coating maintains electrical and mechanical stability in harsh environments. Good chemical/moisture barrier. Hard abrasion resistant coating.

Ordering Information:

52-03-0610-0000: 1 Gallon Kit