CHO-THERM® Pads are designed for use where solid thermal and electrical properties are required at an economical price. These products offered as dry pads, or with an optional adhesive (PSA) layer for attachment. Materials with PSA are available die-cut on continuous rolls. Versions are offered with either polyimide or fiberglass reinforcement to protect pads against tear, cut through and punctures.

Features and Benefits

  • Good Thermal Properties
  • Good to Excellent Dielectric Strength
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength & Puncture Resistance
  • Available with and without acrylic PSA
  • UL Recognized V-O Flammability Rating
  • Meet RoHS Specifications
  • Available on Continuous Rolls for Easy Peel and Stick Application
  • Available in Sheet Stock Form

Materials Include:

Commercial Grade: CHO-THERM® T609, 1674, T444, T441

Military Grade: CHO-THERM® T500, 1678, 1671