Tecknit 0005

Product Line(s):

Product #: Part No: 72-00005 454 grams, 1 pint aluminum can

Tecknit 0005: TECKNIT 0005 is a silver-plated glass filled, one-component conductive polyolefin, Designed for use as a fillet, gap filler and seam sealant on electrical enclosures for EMI Shielding or electrical grounding. Its non-hardening characteristic makes it particularly suited for shielding joints and seams which are likely to be disassembled or applications where uneven surfaces and thermal expansion may be encountered. Minimum recommended bond line for TECKNIT 0005 is 0.005 inches (0.13 mm). TECKNIT 0005 dries in minutes and develops its final material properties in 24 hours. The compound remains permanently flexible and adherent with no tendency to crack or pull away from the substrate. Some surface crusting may be experienced, but TECKNIT 0005 will remain pliable below the surface. TECKNIT 0005 is ozone resistant and has good weathering resistance. Typical applications include access panels, shielded room joints, temporary military shelters, hardware, bulkhead feed through fittings, and building conduits.

Features and Benefits:

  • One component
  • Easy to use, no weighing or mixing required.
  • Silver glass filler
  • Excellent conductivity 0.005 ohm-cm, low cost ($/cc)
  • Polyolefin binder
  • 5 minute working life, 24 hrs for final properties to develop, remains flexible,
  • No corrosive by-products generated during drying to damage substrate.
  • Light weight
  • More coverage per gram of material, minimal weight added to assembly.
  • Thixotropiccream
  • Easy to dispense, apply and spread. Not recommended for use on overhead and vertical surfaces.

Ordering Information:
Part No: 72-00005 454 grams, 1 pint aluminum can