THERM-A-GAP® GEL30 Thermally Conductive Silicon Compounds

Product Line(s):

Product #: 65-00-GEL30-0030 (30cc size)

Parker Chomerics fully cured dispensable GELs eliminate timeconsuming hand assembly, decreasing installation costs and reducing customer manufacturing and purchasing (logistical)complexity. These products require no mixing or curing, providing superior design flexibility.

  • Provides low thermal impedance at thin and thick gaps, allowing use of common heat spreaders
  • Proven reliability in extreme temperature cycling and shock & vibration
  • Deflects easily under very low compressive forces, decreasing stress on components thus decreasing component failures.

GEL 30 is a fully cured dispensable Thermal GEL. Gel 30 successfully fills a variety of different gap thickness. It has a High Bulk Thermal Conductivity and excellent performance-to-price characteristics.

We stock the 30cc size in Part Number 65-00-GEL30-0030 and the 300cc size is also readily available.

GEL 30 meets Telcordia (Bellcore) silicone specifications.

GEL 8010 is also available. See data below.