Therm-A-Form® 1641 & 1642 & T644 Thermally Conductive Silicone Compounds

Product Line(s):

Product #: 65-00-1642-0000, pint kit; 65-00-1641-0000 2.5 oz. kit; 65-00-T644-0045 45cc.

THERM-A-FORM® (Cure-In-Place) compounds are thermally conductive silicone elastomer products are dispensable compounds designed for heat transfer without excessive compressive force in electronics cooling applications.

These versatile RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) liquid materials can be dispensed and then cured into complex geometries for cooling of multi-height components on a PCB without the expense of a molded sheet. Each compound is available in ready-to-use cartridge systems, eliminating weighing, mixing, and degassing procedures.

Product Info Sheets

Features and Benefits

Cure-In-Place Dispensable Compound

  • Filling, potting, overfill, under fill, sealing and encapsulating
  • Flows around complex parts
  • Ideal for multiple gaps under one common heat sink
  • Can cure at elevated heat cycle or at room temperature
  • Localized encapsulating of components
  • Ceramic particles act as natural standoffs for electrical isolation
  • Room temperature and elevated cure available

Conformable (Low Modulus)

  • Mold to complex irregular shapes without excessive force on components
  • Insulates against shock and vibration

Typical Applications

  • Power conversion equipment
  • Power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies
  • LED Modules & Power Drivers
  • Telecom Base Stations

Storage Conditions

To maintain uniformity tubes/cartridges should be stored horizontally. Remixing prior to dispensing is not advised unless the material can be vacuum degassed, to remove any air bubbles. They should be stored at 50-90°F at 50% relative humidity.

THERM-A-FORM® 1642: General duty, economical Two-component thermally conductive encapsulant/sealant/caulk/potting/compound, supplied with primer 1087 (primer is not required to cure but promotes adhesion) We typically stock Part Number 65-00-1642-000 (1 pint kit)

THERM-A-FORM® 1641: One component moisture-cure RTV, supplied with primer 1086 (primer is not required for cure but promotes adhesion) We typically stock part number 65-00-1641-0000 (2.5 oz kit) and the 12 oz size is also readily available.

THERM-A-FORM® T644: Two component thermally conductive silicone compound. Very low modulus material for transferring heat from fragile electronic components. We typically stock part number 65-00-T644-0045(45cc) .

** We also supply THERM-A-FORM® T462, T644, T646 and T647; call us for more information on these and other Thermal Management Materials.

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