THERMATTACH® double-sided thermal interface tapes provide exceptional bonding properties between electronic components and heat sinks, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners.

THERMATTACH® tapes are proven to offer excellent reliability when exposed to thermal, mechanical, and environmental conditioning. They are offered in a variety of configurations, as detailed in the typical properties table. These materials are readily available. Please call us to order or use the contact form to order or for more information.


  • Offered in various forms to provide thermal, dielectric, and flame retardant properties
  • Offered in custom die-cut configurations to suit a variety of applications
  • Eliminates the need for mechanical attachment (i.e. screws, clips, rivets, fasteners)
  • Proven reliability under various mechanical, thermal, and environmental stresses
  • Embossed version available
  • UL recognized V-0 flammability
  • Meets RoHS specifications
  • No curing required, unlike epoxy or acrylic preforms or liquid systems
  • Easily reworkable