EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding: Marketing East is the most experienced and Preferred Authorized Stocking Distributor of Parker Chomerics. Chomerics is the premier material and applications developer of EMI Shielding products and the industry leader in conductive elastomer technology, which includes: extruded, molded and RTV compound forms. Chomerics wide rage EMI product offering includes: Conductive elastomers, Metal/Mesh EMI Gaskets, Fabric over Foam & EMI Foam gaskets, EMI Cable shielding; conductive coatings and adhesives; foil tapes and shielded vents and windows.

Conductive Compounds & Adhesives: The Chomerics family of CHO-BOND & CHO-SHIELD conductive adhesives, sealants/gap fillers, caulks greases and conductive coating provide a variety of solutions for solving EMI problems beyond that which can be addressed simply with EMI gaskets. Resins systems include silicone, epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, polyolefin and polyisobutlylene. Conductive fillers include: Silver, Silver plated coper, silver plated aluminum, silver plated glass, copper and nickel. Conductive adhesives are used for conductive elastomer EMI gasket attachment whereas conductive sealants/gap fillers and caulks are used for addressing open seams in electronic enclosures.

Conductive Coatings: The Chomerics family of CHO-SHIELD Conductive Coatings provides a variety of EMI Shielding solutions, including: Plastic enclosure shielding, flange treatment, aircraft coating, board level shielding and electrically conductive surfaces with corrosion resistance. CHO-SHIELD 2000 series electrically conductive coatings provide a corrosion resistant conductive surface coating on aluminum or composite substrate.

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Thermal Management

Chomerics thermal interface materials include phase-change materials, thermally conductive adhesive tapes, insulator pads, flat sheet and molded gap fillers, cure-in-place thermal cpmpounds, and copper and ceramic heat spreaders.

Chomerics has recently introduced its latest thermal interface material. Fully-cured, dispensable GEL30 effectively cools complex automotive electronics providing for long-term reliability of components. It decreases storage and handling issues associated with traditional thermal interface materials, and provides for automation and increased design and manufacturing flexibility for electronic control unit (ECU) manufacturers.