CHO-SHIELD® 2056 is an electrically conductive, one-component silver and silver/ copper-filled acrylic coating that is specially formulated for application on plastics to provide high levels of EMI shielding.

CHO-SHIELD 2056 is ideal for use on medical electronic enclosures and assemblies which require high level, reliable EMI shielding performance and may benefit from silvers’ antimicrobial properties. The excellent electrical conductivity of the coating allows for thinner applied coatings, saving time and money in processing. Thinner coatings limit material wastage due to overspray and reduce the frequency of mask washing steps. Meets UL Specification 746-C for adhesion.

CHO-SHIELD 2056 conductive coating is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • High levels of EMI shielding
  • Anti-static protection
  • Surface grounding
  • Coating of ABS, PC/ABS, and many other types of plastic enclosures

Features and Benefits:

  • One Component: Easy to use. CHO-SHIELD 2056 is ready to use with simple mixing. Can be applied with standard spray paint equipment.
  • Material dries at room temperature- no high temperature cure ovens required, fast throughput. Good adhesion to a variety of plastics.
  • Excellent Conductivity and EMI Shielding
  • Cost effective solution for electronic enclosures and assemblies .
  • Provides great coverage at then dry film thickness which minimizes material costs and reduces paint cycle times

Ordering Information: 52-03-2056-0000 1 Gallon